God Chitragupta History


The Mahabharata (Anusasan Parva, Chap. 130) recounts the educating of Shree Chitragupta obliging men to do righteous and beneficent acts and performing Yagya, saying that men are remunerated or rebuffed by great or awful deeds.

The Yama Samhita which is a concentrate from the 9th Chapter of Ahilya Kamdhenu, a work of Hindu Law, says that Dharamaraja griped to Lord Brahma about his challenges in performing his most capable obligations of keeping records of the deeds of men and doing equity to them. Master Brahma went into contemplation. Shree Chitragupta sprang from his body and remained before him bearing an inkpot and a pen. The God Brahma (Creator) said: “In light of the fact that you are sprung from my body (kaya), subsequently you might be called Kayastha and as you existed in my body inconspicuous I give you the name of Chitragupta.” He then expected charge of Yamapuri. Dharma Sharma wedded his little girl Irawati to Chitragupta and Manuji, child of Surya (the Sun) wedded his little girl Sudakhina to him.” Chitragupta had eight children from the previous and. four from the recent and these twelve children turned into the begetters of the twelve sub−divisions of the Chitraguptavansi Kayasthas, specifically, Mathur, Gaur, Nigam, Ashthana, Kulshretha, Suryadwaja, Bhatnagar, Srivastava,Ambastha, Saxena, Karana and Vaalmik.

Padma Purana subsequent to expressing the legend says: “Shree Chitragupta was set close Dharamaraj to enroll the great and wickedness activities of all conscious beings,that he was had of otherworldly intelligence and turned into the partaker of penances offered to the divine beings and flame. It is thus that the twice−born dependably give him oblations from their sustenance. As he sprang from the assortment of Lord Brahma he was called Kayastha of various gotras on the substance of the earth.”

Bhavishya Purana states that God, the Creator, gave the name and obligations of Chitragupta as takes after:

Since you have sprung from my body, accordingly, you should be called Kayastha and might be acclaimed on the planet by the name of Chitragupta. Goodness my child, let your living arrangement be dependably in the area of the God of equity with the end goal of deciding the benefits and bad marks of men.

Garuda Purana portrays the magnificent throne of Shree Chitragupta in Yamapuri holding his Court and apportioning equity as per the deeds of men and keeping up their record, in the accompanying words: (There Dharmaraja, Chitragupta, Sravana and others see all wrongdoings and excellencies which stay disguised in the assortments of m