Kayastha Chitragupta Katha

The old story identified with this, is currently told. There was a strong King, who had enslaved the entire world by his aspiration to be the incomparable King of lords. The stories of his barbarous deeds had spread to all the edges of the world. His name was articulated just with awesome admiration and a bigger trepidation on a basic level, for everybody realized that his deeds were detestable and amazing. His name was Sudass, the King of Saurastra, his capital, from where he led his inconceivable realm with an iron clench hand. He was known not one of most “Adharmi” (closest signifying: ‘skeptical and one who crosses the limit of Dharma’) and culprit of “Paap” (closest signifying: ‘sins’). All thorugh his unending kingdom, it was realized that their King had never at any point done a “Punya” in his insidious life. This King was partial to chasing and once on a chasing spree, was lost in the wilderness. Not able to discover out, and obscure to the apprehensions of anykind, he chose to see what his wildernesses were similar to. He continued investigating the wildernesses when he heard the sound certain “Mantras” originating from North, he set out toward the spot where the mantras where being droned. There he discovered a couple of Brahmins performing a yajna and couple of normal individuals sitting to witness this. The King lost his cool on seeing a puja being performed without his assent. He hence talked with thunder in his voice

“I am King Sudass, the King of Kings. Salute me you absurd men. Who are you and what’s the deal with you here? I request an answer.” The gathering of clerics continued droning their mantra and paid no notice to the furious lord, at the same time individuals sitting at some separation and seeing the yajna being performed kept mum, being perplexed about the King. On being so overlooked the ruler lost his cool and raised his sword to hit the head cleric. Seeing this, the most youthful of the ministers stood up and talked accordingly: “Stop! Ruler Sudass, stop! Try not to transform this open door into a debacle. You have been sent here not to be censured but rather spared.” On listening to these words the King got intrigued and said, “You, young man have got extraordinary strength and learning for your age, will you expand on what you have recently said.”

The youthful cleric said to the King, “O Sudass, you call yourself the King of rulers, how mixed up you are! When you kick the bucket you would be oppressed to such disciplines that your pride will vanish in flimsy air. You need to know who these men are and what are they doing and what is the indicate of my discourse. At that point tune in:

We are the children of Lord Chitragupta, whom the immense Rigveda call the genuine King of Kings, and who’s title you are not worth taking. We are Kayasthas and we are performing yajna to our Lord Yamaraj and our ancestor Maharaj Chitrgupta on this awesome day of Yamadwitiya. O ruler Sudass, whoever performs this puja is saved the disciplines of hellfire. You can be free from damnation if you will submit to Yamaraj and Chitraguptaji, who has the record of the considerable number of sins that you have done in your awful life! Nothing in this world is escaped Him and no one but He could spare you. On one hand is salvation and on the other is hellfire. Come, go along with us or execute every one of us.”

The ruler was left dumfounded and took after the youthful cleric as though in a daze. He then performed the puja with full dedication and the accurate system. From that point he took the “prasaad” and retreated to his kingdom with the other men.

With the progression of time there came the day when the Yamadoots came to bring him away with them, to the Yamaloka. The Yamadoots tied the Kings soul in anchors and pulled it to the court of Yamaraja. At the point when the draining and incapacitated King came to the court of Yamaraj, Lord Chitragupta opened the book of his deeds and accordingly addresses Yamaraj. ” O awesome Yamaraj, I can just see an existence loaded with sins for his situation, yet this lord did perform our yajna in his life time? He performed the puja on Karthik shukla dwitiya and with full dedication and the right methodology. He performed our and your “vrat” on that day. In this manner, all his “paaps” have been invalidated and as per the tenets of Dharma, he can’t be sent to damnation.” Thus the King was spared from hellfire and till this day whoever performs the Chitraguptajayannti puja is saved the disciplines of hellfire.

Chitragupta puja: This is commended around the same time of Bhaiduj that is day after tomorrow of diwali. This is the fundamental puja of KAYASTHA standing of Hindu. This puja is renowned for its esteem to training as it is additionally called as puja of KALAM-DAWAT(pen-ink).