Kayastha Chitragupta Temple


A sanctuary that has stood witness through numerous hundreds of years to Patna’s development as the capital city of India’s Bihar area, is ready to remember its recent wonderfulness. Committed to Lord Chitragupta, the Hindu God who records all activities of individuals, the sanctum is situated on the southern bank of the heavenly Ganga stream in the Diwan Mohalla territory of the old Patna city. It was initially built by Mudrarakshasha, the Prime Minister of Magadh domain ruler Mahapadmananda (364-326 B.C.), who later served Chandragupta Maurya in the same limit. The emanation of the Shri Chitragupta Adi Mandir gained an ageless quality when Raja Todarmal, observed Revenue and Treasury Minister and one of the navratnas (nine gems) of Mughal Emperor Akbar (1556 AD-1605 AD), introduced a dark basalt symbol of Lord Chitragupta as its managing god in 1574. This statue was stolen in the late 1950s. It has subsequent to been fortunately recuperated and restored to the sanctuary this Deepawali celebration season. Because of the backing stretched out by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the holy place is headed to claim its legitimate position as a global religious tourism destination.

Chitragupta is a Hindu God alloted with the assignment of keeping complete records of all activities of individuals on the earth, and upon their demise, choosing as respects sending them to the paradise or the hellfire, contingent upon their activities on the earth. Chitragupta Maharaj (Chitragupta, the King) is the benefactor god of Kayasthas, a Hindu jâti (faction) of India, who follow their cause to him.

The legend has it that Yama, the Hindu God of death, used to get confounded when choosing the destiny of dead individuals and sending them to damnation or paradise, without any records of their activities on earth. Yama portrayed his quandary to the Creator of the world Brahma and appealed to God for his help. At the case of Brahma, Lord Shiva ordered Chitragupta Maharaj, who was a clone of Brahma himself, to expect obligation regarding this assignment. Master Chitragupta is viewed as an impeccable expert and is accepted to keep fastidious, complete and precise records of the activities of every single individual, from their introduction to the world till death.