The Alumni Association of Jagran Public School JAA is the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future based on our culture, to build up strong communities. JPS association is to meet in winters every session. They are often invited to be the part/ mentors/ judges/ guide for many annual events.


To enhance the competitive edge amongst the students, they are allotted a House at the time of Admission. The houses are so allotted so that each house has equal number of Boys & Girls in each class. For each of the event, Houses are given points depending on their performances. the houses help to maintain the decorum of the school while maintaining the culture of school and develop a community feeling among the different houses and classes. The 4 houses which help to build strong roots are
 BLUE BIRDS, Trustworthy, Dependable & Committed
 GOLDEN WINGS, Happiness, Optimism & Intelligence
 GREEN LEAVES, Growth, Harmony & Energy
 RED ROSES, Passion, Strength & Vigour


SEWA (Social empowerment through work education and action) program is currently running in classes 9 to 12. The students chose their activity and regularly work in the scheduled periods. They are often asked to organize in class, inter house, inter school or an annual event with little guidance of teachers. Occasionally they go outside the school for awareness programs or social work too.
Class 1 to 8 have pre assigned work activity. Throughout the session the students are involved in their respective activity and their produce/ creations are exhibited in the Annual Exhibition for parents and guests’ acknowledgement and appreciation. This develops in them a sense of responsibility and accountability towards our society. it also develops respect for our culture.