Our Guiding Spirit

Our Guiding Spirit

Our Guiding Spirit Born on January 2, 1912, in a small family in Kalpi village of Bundelkhand, Shri Puran Chandra Gupta Ji joined the freedom struggle at an early age. He had staunch faith in Indian moral values and was always against conservatism which helped him frame and enrich the editorial policy of Dainik Jagran. His guiding spirit, envision and ideals will always remain the guiding spirit of the Jagran Group and all it’s Institutions.


The man behind introduction and development of literary section of the newspapers, Shri Y. M Gupta Ji was a true visionary. His keen interest in Indian literature, Indian culture and religion and his ingenuity in education ensured that Jagran educational institutes bloomed and prospered. The way he guided the institutions induced a unique spirit to the organisation.

Our Guiding Spirit: Our Principal

When we look at the state of affairs in the Indian sub continent, we cannot fail to notice that there has been a marked disintegration in values. How far the education system is responsible for this situation is debatable but the fact that education has failed to deliver cannot be entirely ruled out. It is true that we have continued with the system that the British left behind and, apart from a few additions and subtractions, Our Guiding Spirit, we are carrying on with the same system designed to manufacture clerks. Educational Boards have done nothing to re-invent education for the times.
In my opinion, education must be designed to teach the languages, numeracy and calculation, values, spirituality, a love for the arts, handling money, an understanding of the physical and biological processes, civics, and facts about the world in which we live. It should aim at making a child think and arrive at his own conclusions rather than find out the opinion of the Masters. I also believe that lecturing on values should be avoided and children should be assigned projects in which they learn by doing things.
Indian society is a complex mix of diverse components, each with its own history and aspirations. One has to integrate all these in order to come up with a viable theory of education. Most people have begun to consider education as a process that generates careers, and there are schools that advertise this aspect to gain more admissions. Our Guiding Spirit Who doesn’t want a career? Schools that build character are appreciated on public platforms but they keep shrinking on account of the unwarranted demand for fancy careers. We must strive to arrive at a balance between these two stands.
With Best Wishes

Sachidanand Singh,
Principal, JPS, Lucknow

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE – Our current inspiration and guiding sprit of our institute (SESSION 2022-2023)

Shri Mahendra Mohan GuptaChairman
Smt. Ritu GuptaVice Chairperson
Mr. Sachida Nand SinghSecretary, Member
Dr. J.N. GuptaC.E.O., JEF
Mr. Umesh KaulVice Principal
Mrs. Rachna MishraCBSE representative
Mrs. Bhavvna SinhaCBSE representative
Mr. sanjay TripathiParent’s Representative
Mr. Pradeep GuptaParent’s Representative
Mrs. R. DixitEducationist
Mrs. Naresh PopliTeacher’s Representative